Where oh Where will I be

Happy Tuesday friends! I cannot believe summer has come and gone so quickly and I am only one week away from checking in at Disney. With summer ending and fall beginning, all my friends are back at school or are working full-time. So, I’ve just been hanging out watching the clock count down until I leave tomorrow lol. It’s crazy to me that 175 days have passed, I feel like just yesterday I found out that I would be working at Disney. After sharing with all of you about my new adventure, I put the excitement on the backburner because I needed to focus on finishing up the semester and work. Once the semester ended, I filled that spare time with researching anything Disney/Florida related or traveling. As the summer progressed my excitement began to grow again because the days between me and Disney were slowly decreasing. Now, here I am, 175 days later packing my suitcases and car to begin my new adventure tomorrow.

Two Weeks until check in

Happy Tuesday Friends, I hope your week has been off to a great start!
 I have been running so many errands in preparation for my trip next week. It’s crazy
to think that I am only a week away from leaving my home in Ohio and only two weeks
away from creating a life at my new home in Florida! Over the last five months, I have been researching anything and everything Disney and the surrounding area has to offer so I can
 make the most of my four short months down there.  Not gonna lie, after doing all this research I was so overwhelmed because there is so much I want to do but I know I won’t
have enough time to get everything in. I have a pretty hefty bucket list for
while I’m down there, but I figured it would be fun to give you guys a glimpse of
what I have planned for while I’m down there.

Finding your burst of Courage

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! It’s been
quite a while since I have posted, and I am totally guilty of dropping a few of the goals I set for myself in my last post. BUT, even though I slipped up on a few of mygoals, I followed a different path. My entire life I’ve always (and I mean always) been someone who plans every aspect of my life. My friends always joke with me because I normally have like three months ahead planned out and they would have to get themselves on my schedule ahead of time if they wanted to see me. I am not the type of person to live on a whim and I never have the courage to just go with the flow on things. Surprisingly, I have the worst anxiety and when I don’t know what’s happening next, I tend to freak… hence the reason I plan every aspect of my life out. Over the last month I have definitely learned more than I ever thought I could about something that scared me so much.

Times are Changing

Happy Friyay everyone and of course happy July! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July, I spent mine enjoying time with family and hanging by the pool. I cannot believe we are already half way through 2018… where has this year gone so far? You get yourself into such a routine that the days just pass one after another and then the next thing you, we’re half way through the year. Even though this year has been flying past, it has brought some pretty awesome things into my life: I
launched my blog, I accepted an internship with Walt Disney World, I’ve reconnected with my faith, and most importantly I have begun to love myself again. While all of these things are some of the greatest blessings, I have realized that I lost sight of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I think many of us find ourselves in this situation, we set these huge goals/expectations for our self at the beginning of the year but once we run into our first obstacle on the road to achieving them we give up or try less. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t even remember what my 2018 goals were until I sat down and began thinking about them at the beginning of this week. Do you remember your goals? If you do, have you achieved them or are you still working at them? If not, it’s okay because odds are most of us are probably in the same situation.