The Importance of Detaching from Social Media

Monday, February 12, 2018

So, you have probably stumbled upon this post through some type of social media. Which is no surprise with how much social media is growing. Sometimes you get so consumed in what people are posting you don’t even realize how much you are on it. Social media can take a toll on our mental health. You get stressed about not keeping up with the trends, posting, or just not being on social media enough. Stressing about this causes stress in a variety of different areas in your life. Causes lack of sleep, drama, can make or break your self-esteem, can ruin the image you have of yourself, and just so much more. Just the other day Kylie Jenner finally posted about why she detached herself from social media, and I think it is honestly very important. I detached myself from social media a little over two months ago and the positive impacts it made on my life, I never knew I even needed!

One morning I woke up and thought “why not just take a break,” so I deleted all social media applications I had on my phone. At first, I struggled with this because I did not know what to do with that time I use to fill with social media. After making some adjustments, I didn’t even think twice about having to see what people were posting. Once I finally went live with my blog is when I decided to bring back select social media. But these two months offline, have really taught me some things that all people should think about. There are four major things that have left an impact on me.

The first lesson I learned is:

You don’t need to keep up with making an appearance

Many people stress about not posting enough, or showing off what they are doing every minute of every day. I really struggled with this at first. I thought how are people going to talk to me or know how I’m doing something cool. But I realized that if someone wants to talk to you, they are still going to talk to you whether you are on or offline. And, the cool things you are posting about, people probably do not care about. You do not need to make your existence public, you aren’t living your life for others, you need to live your life for yourself.

The second lesson I learned was:    

Not seeing drama, removes drama from your life

Yeah keeping up with drama on social media gives you a slight pleasure because it’s funny to watch, whether it is with your friends or even celebrities. But if it is with your friends or people you may even know, you can most definitely get dragged into it. So now, the drama isn’t just online it is also affected you in real life. What is the point in getting involved? A life without drama is a much happier life!

The third, and most important lesson is:

Aren’t stressed about people judging you

For the longest time, I struggled with people’s opinions of me. I always felt the need to look my best, or try my hardest to impress people. I wanted to make sure everything I was posting was something that made me look “cool.” Honestly what even is cool? Because cool to one person has totally different meaning to another. Once I stopped posting for people to ultimately judge, whether it was something I thought they would like or not, I felt I sense of relief. I could start focusing on more important things in life than what others thought of me.

The last thing that left an impact on me was:

Prepares you for your future time

We are getting in to that age where we need to start thinking about after college life… ew! The end of our college career is quickly coming to an end so we need to start thinking about jobs, what we want within the next few years, what we plan on doing with all the extra time we will be having. So, not being on social media really helps put things in perspective. You stop seeing other people posting about jobs, grad school, and just important “adult” decisions all together so it stops pressuring you. You aren’t seeing it anymore which helps you make decisions based off of your own needs, not following the trend. It also helps when it comes down to the time to find a big kid job. We have been getting told for years “Your employers going to look at your social media, so be careful what you post.” Well why not just remove yourself from it all together. Use the extra time you would have on social media, to prepare for that kick-ass job interview…it’ll pay off!

Alright, now that we are this far, sit back and think about how much you are actually on social media. Is it once a month, or a week, or a day, or are you on multiple times a day? Odds are you probably are on at least once a day if not multiple times a day. Between all the social media applications out there, people spend about two hours a day on social media. I don’t know about you but I could get a lot done in two hours.

I heard a quote in a movie once “You make time for the things you want to make time for.”  

We are going to make time for what we view is important in life. After detaching myself from social media, I have realized that it is at the bottom of the barrel on important things I have going on in my life. With the extra time, I gained from deleting social media, I began to do yoga, color/write in a journal, and most importantly start my blog! Hopefully this helps you think about some of the things you could be exceling in if you just skipped out on the social media time!

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