Going with the Flow

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope the start of your summer has been relaxing, adventures or however you imagined your summer to be. Mine has been very on the down-low. Since I moved home from school I ended my internship, quit my part-time job, and distanced from my social life. Now don’t get me wrong, I miss my friends very dearly and I most definitely missed staying connected with people over social media, but it was a nice break to think about what I want in life as, yet another birthday is approaching. Over the last few months I have been facing the same questions repeatedly, “How does a girl like you not have a boyfriend,” “When are you going to get in a relationship,”  “How does it feel that your friends are getting engaged,” and “When do you plan on getting engaged.” This honestly might just be a girl issue so guys I’m sorry if this doesn’t pertain to you, but to the girls and/or guys out there getting these questions don’t panic because you’re not alone.

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of hearing these questions get asked over and over again. Not only does it get annoying, but it starts to make you over think whether you’re on the right life path or not. There is two times a year cuffing/engagement season happens, the first is during spring graduation time and the second is the end of the year holidays. The end of the year holidays suck to be alone in, but with being surrounded by loved ones helps you forget about it. But the spring graduation time really sucks, because at this point many friends are graduating, getting engaged, or evening moving in with their significant other. This really sucks because other than summer plans you’ve made, you have nothing distracting you. To all those people taking these significant steps in life, you go it’s awesome to see you grow in life. To those who are getting bombarded with those annoying questions I mentioned before, here’s some reminders as you fully begin your summer.

The first reminder I have is to
This is not something to stress over, you are doing your life the way it’s meant to go. You may begin to feel pressured by friends, families, or whoever but don’t. Just keep living life one day at a time. People say time flies so why keep stressing the days away or wishing the days away until you find the one. The “One” will come when its time but until then just relax and enjoy life.

The second reminder I have is
Stick to your life path
Each of us are on our own life paths and will reach certain accomplishments or goals when it’s our time. Many of us, especially in today’s society, are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers. So what if your younger friend is getting engaged, who cares if you’re the oldest and still aren’t engaged, and most importantly DO NOT feel pressured by your friends having babies. Everyone lives a different life path and these key events will happen at different times for everyone. Again, we are on our own life path so when the time comes so will these key events.

The third reminder I have is to
Just enjoy life
Many of us our in our twenties or just now are entering their twenties, which means many of us have such a long life ahead of us. Why rush anything then? If we have so much time in life to look forward to, then why rush anything. Take time for yourself and what goes on in your life to just enjoy it. So, if that means you have to go to your best friend’s wedding solo, who cares, at least you won’t make a fool of yourself in front of a random date. If your friends having a baby, support them, they are scared and nervous too! But for the mean time just enjoy what you have right now. 

Everyone goes through things like this in life. Yeah it might suck, but you can’t keep looking at it in negative perspective. Your life is going to reach these points when its time, but for the mean time just enjoy this crazy wonderful thing we call life. Take this time and do something for yourself, if you want to backpack around the country then do it. This is your opportunity in life to create awesome stories you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren when the time comes. Hey, who knows they always say once you stop looking for love, love finds you. There’s a great big tomorrow, go see what it has to offer. For the mean time, I am going to continue to float around my pool and act like I don't have any responsibilities... kinda like a sea turtle!

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