Times are Changing

Friday, July 6, 2018

Happy Friyay everyone and of course happy July! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July, I spent mine enjoying time with family and hanging by the pool. I cannot believe we are already half way through 2018… where has this year gone so far? You get yourself into such a routine that the days just pass one after another and then the next thing you, we’re half way through the year. Even though this year has been flying past, it has brought some pretty awesome things into my life: I
launched my blog, I accepted an internship with Walt Disney World, I’ve reconnected with my faith, and most importantly I have begun to love myself again. While all of these things are some of the greatest blessings, I have realized that I lost sight of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. I think many of us find ourselves in this situation, we set these huge goals/expectations for our self at the beginning of the year but once we run into our first obstacle on the road to achieving them we give up or try less. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t even remember what my 2018 goals were until I sat down and began thinking about them at the beginning of this week. Do you remember your goals? If you do, have you achieved them or are you still working at them? If not, it’s okay because odds are most of us are probably in the same situation.

While you’re at work, working on this big project that you have barely made any progress on, you realize half your shift is almost over. Do you look at things optimistically and realize you still have a half a shift left to finish this or do you doubt yourself and think you’ll never finish it? Once I started revisioning my goals, I thought to myself “I am never going to accomplish any of this in 2018.” But, then I sat back and thought about it and realized, I still have a half a year left to crush these goals I have set for myself. I mean I have already accomplished goals that weren’t even on my list in the past six months, so why can’t I accomplish more in the next six months. I hope you realize this as well, because no matter the size of the goal, I bet you have accomplished so much more in the last six months (without realizing it) so why can’t you accomplish what you actually want with the remaining six months?

Time changes as it goes on, yes it may suck but it is something that is inevitable so why not take advantage of it. Six months is a lot of time for things to change, I mean look back at your last six months… has something changed in your life? I know for me I am practically a different person then I was six months ago, which means my goals have definitely changed and I am taking advantage of it. Take some time, whether it is just 10 minutes or an entire day, sit down and think about what you had wanted to accomplish in 2018. Are your goals still the same? Have you thought of new goals based off of the changes in your life? Once you have regained an idea of what you want 2018 to bring you, sit down and create a plan for yourself.

When I sat down and started thinking about my goals, I began thinking of probably 101 things I wanted to get done before the year is over. Don’t get me wrong, I probably could if I quit everything I was doing and spent all my time working on them, but I can’t do that. So, when I began redesigning my goals, I sat and thought about the things that meant the absolute most to me if they were to be accomplished. I limited myself to nine total goals to accomplish before the end of 2018. I set three personal goals, three blogging goals, and three goals to accomplish before 2018 ended. A personal goal I wanted to reach is to get myself on a schedule/routine. Yes, sometimes when you get caught up in routines you allow days to just blow past, that’s not why I wanted it. With starting my internship in just two short months, I realized I had to get myself in a sleeping routine, health routine, and other little things to prepare for this big change. A Blogging goal I would like to accomplish is to post twice a week. When I first launched my blog, this was one of my initial goals, but with life being life I barely post once a month. A long-term goal I set for myself is to meditate/pray daily. I started meditating heavily at the beginning of the year and slowly just lost it because again life caught up to me. I quickly realized though that meditating and praying plays a very large role in the way I love myself, so I think it is a necessity to do daily. Setting goals for yourself doesn’t need to be the same cliché goals you hear everyone say. Really think about what you want in life and create those goals based off of that, trust me you’ll want to accomplish them more that way.

Accomplishing your goals is a totally different story and trust me I understand because I suck at
accomplishing any goal I plan out for myself. But, if it is something that you really want to accomplish this year or even into the new year, you need to plan out how you are going to get there. And no, not one planning method works for everyone, so a planner and a goal sheet might work for me or seeing actual progress might work for you or vies versa. You need to create a method that is going to specifically work for you. I am going to be testing out a few different methods because ones bound to stick and will help me reach my goals. On top of overstuffing my planner, I am also going to try a goal sheet, and I am also going to create a dream board. Having my planner keeps me organized on the business side of planning, having a goal sheet allows for me to mark off my progress I’ve made, and having a dream board gives me that constant reminder as to why I started these goals when the going gets tough. Who knows, maybe all three will work for you as well, but you have to start somewhere, or maybe you even have your own method to accomplishing something.

Yes, there is going to be times where you just sit and think “why am I evening doing this” or you’re going to run into obstacles that make accomplishing your goal that much harder. But when these times hit you, sit back and think about the time you created those goals. What’s the purpose behind them? Are they going to better you? Will they change your life positively? Just think about why you started this journey and use that to fuel you when your tank is running on empty. Yes, time changes and sometimes hands you the biggest bag of lemons. But, take that bag of lemons and use it to make yourself some damn good lemonade (maybe even spiked) with the remaining six months left in 2018.
You’re only half way through this shift so do not doubt yourself, think optimistically and realize “hell I have plenty of time.” Wishing you the best of luck in accomplishing anything you set your mind to!

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